Team Slayer

Terran Unit:

1. Slowing Tank Unit:

      - Inspired by Seige Tank unit.

      - Focuses on slowing down troops.

      - Shoots out substance bombs.


- High HP.

- Effective against swarms of enemies.

- The more units the higher the scope of effect.

      *Cons :

- Immobile while in use.

- Cannot attack.

2. Medi-soldier Unit:

     - After a certain time of service, a SCV unit can be upgraded to a Medi

Soldier unit. They specialized in healing damaged marines on the battle


     * Pros:

- Travel fast.

- Can repair themselves.  

- Can attack ground enemies.

     * Cons:

- Can only heal 1 at a time.

- Immobile while healing.

3. Bomber Unit:

     - Using stealth, this unit can sneak amongst enemies troops and blow

themselves up.

     *  Pros:

-  Wide area of effect.

     * Cons:

-    Can only attack once.

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